20% tuition reduction Family Studies and Interventions Distance Learning Scholarship

100% online education for the Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program offered by the Walden University. For the advanced work professionals they are called upon the society’s challenges to help them, this online education for PhD students will help you become the advocate for the social justice and credential gain for the leadership of your career. The students may choose from the multiple specializations for your study interest, which includes the Clinical Expertise, Medical Social

10% tuition reduction MS in Information Technology Distance Learning Scholarship

Walden University offers a core programming and network online courses to advance the training in highly in demand IT specialization, this program can be taken through distance learning and a 100% online classes in the field of M.S. in Information Technology (M.S.I.T.) that will help the students to enter the fast growing IT fields. Walden University is known as a leader of online education, they offer an experience and aspiring IT professionals the chances to

$19,000 History PhD Distance Learning Scholarship

The University of Birmingham offers a one year of post graduate research in History PhD on campus or distance learning scholarship. As a post graduate, students will have the chance to work with the academics staffs that research is for the forefront of the current historical online course scholarship. The Department was positioned first in the nation in the Research Excellence Framework 2014 and is unrivaled in the land and sequential expansiveness of its research.

$2,000 M.Sc. Forestry Distance Learning Scholarship

Bangor University offers a Forestry course through distance learning, this course is provided for students with a training management of the forest resources, practical principles and academic, understanding of the scientific which focus on the forest managements and function on the forest ecosystem with the inter relationship with the government industry and community associated land-use. The distance learning course is fully accredited by Institute of Chartered Forester. The online course for the Forestry is up

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