$500 CouponoBox Smart Student Scholarship

In this world where money runs everything, securing funds for a student’s college education can be massively challenging most specially if they see education as a luxury. Well, it can be that way or another, but it always goes down to, can a self-supporting student handle all the financial obligations in obtaining a college education?

There are a lot of ways to secure yourself a degree program. It can be through online schools that offer scholarships or affordable fees or getting in touch with foundations and institutions that strive hard to at least fund one’s college education.

Some may fully fund it, some may partially fund it, or others may provide some monetary help to at least ease the hardship in acquiring money to spend for your college education.

One of the few companies that helps ambitious students with easy requirements to acquire is Couponobox.

Couponobox started in 2017 with a strong idea to help each individual grab maximum advantage of the coupons, deals and special discounts on their every purchase. They wanted a safe, secured and updated platform for you to get access to all your favorite store/brand promo codes, coupons, and deals. They provide easy to understand and user-friendly website that gathers all the active coupons and deals along with their user guidelines to each of its guests. A place where you get genuine information about the retailer and its products.

They have a dedicated team of 15+ Coupon experts who strive to deliver you the latest and best of the deals. Each of their team members is highly enthusiastic and creative to find all the possible money-saving ways for you.

Couponobox has $500 Annual Scholarship Program that aims to help ambitious students who lack financial resources to pursue their studies. It is their way of giving back to the society.

They will only require you with two things and those are being a US citizen and you must be currently in high school, college or university education program.

To apply, you must write an essay about the topic “Best money saving tips while attending college” and it should have 800 to 1000 words and of course should be in English language.

You must send the essay together with these details; full name, date of birth, state, name of high school/ college/ university, email address, contact number and city at scholarship@couponobox.com on or before 5th November 2018.

For more information regarding the company and the program, you can visit their website at https://www.couponobox.com.

42 thoughts on “$500 CouponoBox Smart Student Scholarship

  1. Its nice i kindly ask for your assistance
    Because i comes from a poor background and i just accomplishes my form four this year and am waiting for my results

  2. Am interested for the scholarship. I would like to continue with my education studying diploma in civil engineering

  3. Hie my name is Tendai and lam from Zimbabwe currently doing my A\’level currently waiting for an opportunity for scholarship.

  4. waiting for the opportunity to further my MSC on environmental microbiology. hope I will be among the lucky one thank you.

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