$5 888 Scholarship for a Broke College Student

Having a lot of demands from school and extra-curricular activities make students broke. Even if your degree program is in an online school, there are still things you need in order to learn. From dorm needs, school supplies to even your organization needs, they are all becoming expensive. Imagine yourself getting your online classes but you’re still grumpy, you think that you need your coffee but it’s a bit expensive for you who has a tight budget. StudentSaveEngine is there to help you! As an advocate for students, The University Network created a site to look for the cheapest finds from thousands of stores with student coupons, discounts and affordable deals. Their aim is to make their product better for their advocates without any degree program specifications. They also want to hear want these broke students want to save on, so try finding student coupons for your coffee before taking your online classes. That will help you to be active without worrying of being broke again.

A total of $5 888 will be given to one lucky winner who could catch their attention on what he/she wants to save. To apply, unleash your inner creativity by writing an essay, making a video or creating an infographic about the best deal you found in StudentSaveEngine and how did it help you, or things and/or brand that you cannot find in StudentSaveEngine that you need and explain why is it so important to you. You can then send your submission via email, scholarship@tun.com or post it on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) and tag @TUNdiscounts using their hashtags #StudentSaveEngine and #TUNscholarship. For infographic submissions, you can also use your Pinterest accounts to post and use #StudentSaveEngine and #TUNscholarship as hashtags in your pin description and link your pin to this scholarship post (https://www.tun.com/blog/broke-college-student-scholarship/). Make sure that you follow these so that they can see your posts!

Remember the rules before applying:

  • Less than 500 words essay
  • Criteria for judging:
    • 50% Thoughtfulness of responses
    • 30% Relevance to prompt
    • 15% Quality composition
    • 5% Grammatical accuracy
  • Eligible applicants are current college students or high school seniors
  • Applicants must not be children or grandchildren of employees, officers, directors or owners of TUN, Inc.

An amount of $5 888 will be given as scholarship grant to anyone chosen. Students from online schools may also apply. The scholarship does not require any degree program specifications. Students may apply twice during the academic year 2018-2019. Application for Fall Semester must be before December 31, 2018 (11:59 PM EST) and for Spring Semester, before June 15, 2019 (11:59 PM EST).

20 thoughts on “$5 888 Scholarship for a Broke College Student

  1. I\’m very delighted about this huge scholarship to help people who can\’t afford to pay their own fees in other to enhanced their study ,I actually appreciate the organiser as well.from the part of the world where I\’m currently living Liberia to be precise illiteracy rate has highly increased ,young folks are wandering in the street doing nothing ,many into profane lifestyle all because of the negative effect the civil crises has caused many young people ,no formal education and vocational training skills to help improved their lives,as in my case I struggled to escaped to Ghana during the civil crises at age 9 with some unknown people when we arrived in the diaspora firstly ivory coast and later Ghana the united nations high commission of refugees (unhcr) came to assist us ,through that I was able to learned something from junior high school ,secondary level and later the HND level,All my life I didn\’t experienced parental support or love it has only been myself doing stuff the right way to see my way through .so when I came across this scholarship I was so excited because it will create another platform for me again to upgrade myself academically ,and hoping and trusting God to be the fortunate winner for the scholarship ,my country is actually backward educationally,and the large number of the country\’s population is mainly youth with high the percentage of illiteracy rate as well.I will be super excited if my request will be granted and be offer the scholarship to improve myself and returned and give back to my country Liberia and Africa as large.even as I write now many youth in the county don\’t have access to the internet that\’s to tell you the high levels of illiteracy the country is confronted with currently .I believed this scholarship will play a very magnificent role in my life and others around me ,because education can only be important after you are have learn and give back to others ,so that\’s is what exactly I want to do after I have obtained the scholarship .my objectives about life is that when others smile because of you is much worthy ,I always do things in my own little way to bring smile to someone each day . one of the huge disadvantage in the part of the world I\’m from is that people are lacking some basic human needs which can help them to be focus with life positively, therefore many who lost their love one and parents during the crises get frustrated with life and began to engage into many profane way of life to get themselves going .As I stated from the above it was by divine help I have reached thus far and I\’m kindly asking you to consider me get this opportunity to improve myself and other around me especially in our societies.

  2. Hi I need your help to support me with my further education providing me scholarship to do my Bachelor on Community policing.

  3. Hi Sir!
    All I need is the bursary to complete my studies in any choosen country.
    I have done Diploma in Nutrition and would like to upgrade but I lack support from my parents. So I really want to be help out with tuition fee payment.
    Many thanks!

  4. I have started msc chemistry it\’s expensive I have started in a college I have no money to start in the universty plz give me scholarship

  5. Hi
    First am glad that at least there are still people who are willing to help out students contunue with their studies and so i am one of those students who help with my high school and I know am one able student please its my request that I get help

  6. welcome
    I have a secondary technical certificate and a Bachelor degree in restoration of antiquities and I have talent drawing and sculpture and cook cooks and I want to be lucky in this grant or any other grant

  7. I am a Sri Lankan,second year international medical student currently at UK university and looking for some kind of financial assistance/scholarship in order to continue my studies in UK. I have an outstanding academic records throughout with extra curricular activities.
    Grateful if you could let me know any kind of assistance. Thank you in advance. Look forward to hearing form you.

  8. After I have successfuly chosen to enjoy your scholarship programme, which other creterior/channel should I use/follow in order to achieve my dream?

  9. Hello Sir,my Name Is Venuste Nshimirimana I Come From Burundi And I\’m In Need Of Your Scholarship I\’d Like To Study Abroad Many Years Ago Your Help Please I Have Bachelor In Chemistry But Now I Can Find School Even The Financial Support Or A Lodge I Want To Continue In The Same Field Or Similar Program In Master\’s Degree I\’m Waiting Forward To Hearing From You Soon

  10. Am very sorry i didn\’t get your message …… I need scholarship for Business management in Kenya.


  11. I am NOUSSI POKAM BORIS GAETAN, Senior Telecommunication Technician, and I want a scholarship to continue my training and become a telecommunication network engineer.

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