Have a $5 555 Scholarship While Spreading Awareness About Mainstream News

News are vital in today’s society. It is important that the news being delivered are true and unbiased. Though, mainstream news has been exalted to the internet. They publish pessimistic, depressing and biased stories. They pretend to be neutral when they are actually not. This could trigger many students especially that it might emotionally affect their performance in their degree programs. In The University Network, news on the positive development on colleges are being covered. From technology, sustainability, organizations, advocacy, degree programs and more, TUN wants you to be updated while avoiding mainstream sources.

It is important to tackle these mainstream news in the right way by educating people who can always see this kind of news, via online education. Even people with bachelor degree can be victim of these news, that’s why proper dissemination of the awareness must be done.

To spread awareness in this matter, TUN made a move by making a scholarship grant of $5 555 to a lucky winner that could either make an essay, a video or an infographic about avoiding mainstream news and what would TUN cover that you’d like to see and why. In this way, they will not just put online education in use by spreading their awareness but they could also financially help a high school or college student through the scholarship. Aside from the essay, you must also follow TUN’s content in Apple News to enter the scholarship. If you don’t have an Apple device, you can follow their content on their homepage and Google News. Submit your entry via email (NewsScholarship@tun.com) and share it on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube). Entries of winner(s) will be posted on their official social media accounts. Use the hashtags #MainstreamNewsSucks and #TUNscholarship at the end of your captions and tag them on Twitter (@TUNpress) and Facebook (@TUNdiscounts). For those who wants to submit their infographic via Pinterest, use #MainstreamNewsSucks and #TUNscholarship as your hashtags in the pin description and link the pin to the scholarship post (https://www.tun.com/blog/mainstream-news-sucks-scholarship/). Remember, the infographic must have  details of your ideas.

The rules to enter the scholarship are easy: they are eligible if they are applicants that are current college or high school seniors. They should not be affiliated with TUN’s employees, officers, directors nor owners. There is no problem in applying twice for 2018-2019 school year, instead it is being encouraged. The deadline for application will be before December 31, 2018 (11:59 PM EST) for Fall Semester and June 15, 2019 (11:59 PM EST) for Spring Semester. So don’t worry about your bachelor degree and apply now!

24 thoughts on “Have a $5 555 Scholarship While Spreading Awareness About Mainstream News

  1. This script sounds more clear hence trustworthy because as a matter of fact lives of people have been lead into trouble by newsstreams on internet that inspires people as far as great opportunities is concerned, only to find that it\’s a scam.

    Security must run first in anything on internet if an organisation makes some offers to the members of the puplic. Scarmers come dressing formally speaking formally but in second they take all your money in the bank.

    So it could be of good security that for any organisation offering schorlaship must communicate with the school or college that special applicant is attending or applied in. The allowences must come after all colleges processes are all done.

    At least by this way we specials individuals could find ourself secured from faudstars.

  2. I\’m Joseph Komboni and I\’m really in need of a scholarship. I\’m in second year at the Chinhoyi university of Zimbabwe studying my 5 year Agricultural Engineering degree.

  3. Actually I am really need to scholarship for education purpose.I know your university is an advanced and has life repair objective and see the problem then solve it all over the world.So I am one of the problem career and I need solve the problem through education specially when I will learn in your university.So please understand this issue and help me as you can.

  4. hello i am Emmanuel Simbo kamara from Sierra Leone and i have a BA Degree in History and Sociology. i wish to further my studies in the social sciences please help me to attain my dream

  5. I need also a scholarship because we are poor…and my family can\’t support in my studies..I want to become a lawyer to help the people

  6. Je Suis Beaucoup Interessé.J,ai Besoin D,une Aide De Bourse Pour Suivre Le Master.Je Suis Motivé Par Le Big Data!!Merci

  7. I really need the scholarship to enable me finish my Bachelors of medicine and bachelor of surgery which have started and have stopped half way due to finance.I will really be greatly if am to be awarded the scholarship.

  8. Hello I really do appreciate you
    I was complete my study at nursing
    But..actually I would like to study pharmacy
    Could I have this Chance. Thank you

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