$19,000 History PhD Distance Learning Scholarship

The University of Birmingham offers a one year of post graduate research in History PhD on campus or distance learning scholarship. As a post graduate, students will have the chance to work with the academics staffs that research is for the forefront of the current historical online course scholarship.

The Department was positioned first in the nation in the Research Excellence Framework 2014 and is unrivaled in the land and sequential expansiveness of its research. From medieval Afghanistan to the cutting edge United States, their staff gives professional crosswise over British, European and world history from around 500 to the present day.

The successful students can study the Ph.D. online course program on campus or by Distance Learning. Research degrees in History at Birmingham give chances to the detailed commitment with a particular point, improved by the discussions and cross-preparation of thoughts started by working in contact and relationship with individuals from the UK’s driving History division, as made a decision in the latest Research Excellence Framework. Open doors for coordinated effort over the University, especially in the fields of Byzantine, Hispanic and Music History, and in addition Philosophy, Politics and Economics, likewise help to produce a stimulating and remunerating research.

All application can be made by academic year 2019-2020 starting date of applications are January 2019, and September 2019. The broad possessions of the University’s library and prepared access to other local documents and libraries offer plenteous crude material for research. Inside the departments, gatherings, for example, the Center for the Study of the Middle Ages (CeSMA), produce a vivacious between and multi-disciplinary research culture, through conveyance papers and expanding academic achievements through university online degrees.

The university online degrees topics will range from inquiries, for example, how England turned into a Protestant country in the sixteenth century, to why smoking assumed such an imperative job in twentieth-century life. Whatever your advantage, regardless of whether it is social or social history in the sixth century or military history in the twentieth century, Birmingham’s History office has somebody accessible to direct your exploration with master information and comprehension.

At Birmingham, you additionally have the alternative to language studies that is also free of charge. No other UK University offers you the chance to take in the exceptional alumni language skill abilities which you may need to seek after your research studies.

12 thoughts on “$19,000 History PhD Distance Learning Scholarship

  1. This is so exciting! Consider me as a potential candidate, for this PhD Scholarship, in History!
    I feel that, I am a qualified candidate, for this scholarship, on Distance Learning!

    I hold 3 Degrees and a Diploma. All of these, are in both Philosophy and Theology.
    Therefore, I am applying for this Scholarship, so that I will be able to take a Distance Learning, as quickly as possible! I hold a Master\’s Degree in Systematic Philosophy, from a Jesuit University. I am also a holder of an MTh/S.T.L, (A Licentiate and Master\’s Degree, System Moral Theology), from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, (CUEA), Nairobi/Kenya. But I also hold a Bachelor Degree, in Theology in general, from a Jesuit University College-Nairobi/Kenya. Lastly, my Diploma, was in Philosophy, (Apostles of Jesus Major Seminary-Nairobi/Kenya, the Affiliate Constituent Seminary of Urbaniana University/Rome.

    Please, I would like you to consider me for this scholarship, as a Distance Learner, or as a full time, campus candidate!

  2. Iam called Jackie Umurungi from RWANDA i have a bachelor\’s degree in legal laws and would like to study masters in law abroad. i am humbled to get your scholarship. Be blessed.

  3. I Salako, from Nigeria. It is quiet interesting to here this from you but am still an undergraduate and I will like to have from you this types of scholarship in future occurrence but because am still yet to be graduate I can\’t enroll for now thanks

  4. Hi am Abdul Karim kamara education has always been my first priority in life but unfortunately money wouldn\’t Want to give me a chance to achieve my dreams please I need this scholarship so I wouldn\’t become a dropout in society please

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