10% tuition reduction MS in Information Technology Distance Learning Scholarship

Walden University offers a core programming and network online courses to advance the training in highly in demand IT specialization, this program can be taken through distance learning and a 100% online classes in the field of M.S. in Information Technology (M.S.I.T.) that will help the students to enter the fast growing IT fields.

Walden University is known as a leader of online education, they offer an experience and aspiring IT professionals the chances to grown and study the state of the art online classes via virtual environment that features a virtual lab and the most exclusive offers of the university called MobileLearn® technology.

The online education of the Walden University is a career building format that will enable students to earn their Graduate Certificate in the Information System, this will be given after completing the first four years online courses and pursuing the advanced study in one of the demand specialization in this modern day which includes, Health Informatics, Big Data Analytics, Information Assurance and Cyber Security, Software Engineering and the Information System.

Walden Graduate’s stated that this program help them to promote and move up on their careers. This is one of the convenient way to start and boost your future career with the flexibility on student’s time and putting your education within reach. Student will benefits on this online education via distance learning. As a students you will have the orientation that will prepare you to be successful in an online environment, you will also have the ability to complete the coursework in a convenient time.

Accessing the course material is easy by using your smartphone or a tablet. A students learning such as videos, simulations, case studies, journals, discussion topics and articles are being given in a designed in a multimedia resources. A community of global online for the faculty, alumni and the students so it is sure that this is a 100% online education.

By applying for this program an advisor will contact you to answer all the questions, all program will start by September 2019.

18 thoughts on “10% tuition reduction MS in Information Technology Distance Learning Scholarship

  1. I\’d really appreciate your generous offer to undergraduate courses in ÌT or business or software engineering available for me, if it\’s online better.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. l will be happy if l\’m going to have this opportunity ,,,,l would like to undertake undergraduate degree in accounting

  3. Hello I would appreciate if I am awarded this scholarship program to pursue my undergraduate degree in Physician Assistant

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