20% tuition reduction Family Studies and Interventions Distance Learning Scholarship

100% online education for the Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program offered by the Walden University. For the advanced work professionals they are called upon the society’s challenges to help them, this online education for PhD students will help you become the advocate for the social justice and credential gain for the leadership of your career.

The students may choose from the multiple specializations for your study interest, which includes the Clinical Expertise, Medical Social Work and Addictions and Social Work. The distance learning offered by the Walden University do have a challenging educational modules that can enable you to obtain the abilities to execute a social welfare programs, evaluate and design that have a beneficial outcomes.

Do you have a MSW and need to take your vocation to the following level? Walden’s Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program can enable you to increase progressed clinical abilities in evaluation and mediation for people, families, and networks. Investigate the most recent discoveries and practices in social work and figure out how to improve lives by making supportable and applicable social welfare programs.

One of only a handful few offered on the online college classes, this doctoral program includes concentrated six-day residency programs which you’ll connect with associates and advance your clinical abilities. You’ll additionally take an interest in an active research undertaking that enables you to give your insight and abilities something to do to address a genuine issue in your own office or communities.

The online college classes is a part-time studies which start in August 2019, with a 20% tuition fee reduction for the students who reside outside the USA and will be starting the program for the next academic year. All subjects will be taught in the English language, students must have a good written and verbal skills in the English language.

Admission requirements varies on the degree level and program of the applicants, the Walden University advisers will help you throughout your application online process, from the program suits you and the program which also includes the financial aid. You should also have a work experience for at least 3 years in any related field or academic experience.

As this is an online education, you have to make sure of your internet access and computer.

31 thoughts on “20% tuition reduction Family Studies and Interventions Distance Learning Scholarship

  1. I am SATCHI KOUEVI. I need a schoolarship to do my PHD in BIOCHEMISTRY. I am doing my Master in therapy and toxicology of medicinal in UNIVERSITY of JOS, NIGERIA.

  2. Yes, the mode of study I was admitted to is ODeL at Mzuzu university, Malawi.

    So need a Bursory for my Bachelor\’s degree upgrading which is to cater for tuition, meals ,on campus accommodation, transport and a Laptop for the next two years.


  3. I am also deeply interested in this scholarship. Tired of sitting at home after my nysc. Please kindly help me. Thank you

  4. I would love to study with the help of this scholarship.I am interested. please allow me to acquire this scholarship to achieve my dream goals.Thank you

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