4 Freshman College Dormitory Mistakes You Should Avoid – #2 Should Certainly Be Avoided

It feels liberating and exciting relocating from the comfort of your family home to a university dormitory. But big change such as these must certainly come with it’s established of challenges.

To help prepare you for dormitory life and assist you in getting the most out of your on-campus living experience during your period in school as a freshman, here are some errors you should endeavor to avoid, no matter what may.

  1. Isolating Yourself in the Dormitories

It’s fully understandable. After going through all the stress and hassle all day on campus as fresher, shutting your door, with your headphones plugged in while relaxing on your bed, is all you want to do. Fine. But bear in mind that shutting yourself indoors signals that you don’t want to meet with new people in your block. But leaving your doors open will give these ‘new’ people the opportunity to say hello, and gradually, that’s how you start making cool friends and getting acquainted to the people. If you need a platform where you can be so outgoing and social, college is the place and dormitory is the starting venue.

  • Getting Furious With Your roommates, and keeping silent about it

*picks up phone and angrily texts dad, “I take out the trash all the time. They never do”. Then your anger grows… and grows… But yet, you don’t say a word to anyone about what’s making you angry. Why? Simply because you don’t want to create a spark – especially as a college fresher.

Boxing up your feelings is honestly a frustrating thing to do and the irritation towards your roommates keeps building over time. What do you do then? Simple but not easy: Meetup with your roommates and let them know how you feel about certain behaviors and attitudes they display, then proceed to make an agreeable ground rules for everyone in the room/dorm. Take turns in cleaning the room, trash bin, bathroom etc. When schedule don’t go smoothly as you all planned it, give the student a subtle, polite reminder. “Hey buddy/pal, have you cleaned the bathroom this week? Just a friendly reminder though…” That’s it!

  • Hey! Go clean up after yourself

Getting yourself cleaned up is a basic act you are expected to do in college. It is very annoying to stay with a dirty roommate. It is a gross act to leave beverages and food particles all over the place – very annoying and irritating act. Put your clothes in their places; arrange your notebooks and textbooks – stop flinging everything across the room.

As a student, you might be tempted to feel lazy about cleaning up especially when you just returned from a long class session. But yet still, you could pick certain days of the week and clean up the whole place. There’s nothing more refreshing than starting a new day/week in a clean dorm environment.

  • Drinking

No matter how addicted you are to alcohol, it is advisable to not drink in the campus nor inside the school dormitory. If you are an underage, stay totally clear off alcohol. If you are of age to take alcohol and you wish to drink one, ensure the act is done outside the school campus – just to be sure you are not violating the school rules. Because if you are caught, a letter might be sent to your parents, explaining how they have lost faith in your ability to be hold reputable positions and act responsibly.

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