Develop this X Vital Skills before Going to College

Hiiiii, it’s your daddy! Just kidding. It’s actually your fatthheeer. High school days will soon be over and you will be faced with college education. Uh, you know right? Okay. Now that you are aware of that, you should also be aware of that you need to develop and acquire certain skills before jumping into college for your degree program. Boom! You don’t know what skills it’s being discussed about right? Gotcha!!

Wait: did you jump right in because of the picture of the young boy and you wanted to know what he was doing? Uh, sorry. I also wish I knew what they were doing. Alright. Without wasting each other’s time, let’s hop into the drill. Here are the skills you need. They will certainly help you through your college education.

Good Time Management

The difference is only seen when you manage your time wisely. There would always be a mad schedule, but setting aside, times for reading, researching – and even playing too – will help reduce stress, confusion, inefficiency and a whole lot we may not mention. There’s a saying that says “too much of this or that is bad for the wellbeing of the body, soul, and mind…” Did I say it correctly? Whatever. But you understand the point I’m driving at, right? Yeah, life should be balanced – education too.


If I don’t mention this, I did stop dropping tips right away. Self-discipline is very important in every areas of our life. You barely watch a motivational speaker as they talk without hearing them mention ‘self-discipline’ in their speech. To be successful in college and life, you need to learn how to make decisions and when to take actions. Learn to do things on your own. Learn to motivate yourself. In college/university, your parents won’t be there to yell at you because of your homework, pieces of socks littered around the room or anything. You’re all by yourself – with your new friends maybe – everything is up to you.

Setting the Right Priorities

In college, you will come across different moments, events, people and much more. All these are awesome; yes we know but sometimes, these too can serve as a form of distraction to our studies.

Imagine staying back at home to study for your final exams while your friends and course mates are out there partying – it’s hard. You may start asking yourself, “why can’t I just go out and party too…” This is where you have to implement prioritization. Setting priority means putting the important things first. Prioritizing your college activities may warrant you to sacrifice your immediate pleasures and desires for future successes.

Developing a Sound Social Life

Developing sound relationships with your peer and lecturers can be the difference you will ever need in your social and school life. We may overlook the act of engaging with professors and colleagues at school but personal experiences taught me that one could get better grades and a learning environment filled with positivity with just these acts.

Professors often have keen interest in students that engage them more with concerns, questions, and also participates in class activities.

Being able to successfully relate with your colleagues and course mates – no matter the differences in your views, races, opinions and principles – is good for you as a college student. Goals are accomplished when there is togetherness. Plus, you will gain the respect of your course mates and colleagues in school.

These skills takes time and consistent efforts to develop, but the sooner you pick interest in developing them, the better for you, as this sills will help you in the success of your academic career, and personal life.

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