Have a $5 555 Scholarship While Spreading Awareness About Mainstream News

News are vital in today’s society. It is important that the news being delivered are true and unbiased. Though, mainstream news has been exalted to the internet. They publish pessimistic, depressing and biased stories. They pretend to be neutral when they are actually not. This could trigger many students especially that it might emotionally affect their performance in their degree programs. In The University Network, news on the positive development on colleges are being covered.

$5 888 Scholarship for a Broke College Student

Having a lot of demands from school and extra-curricular activities make students broke. Even if your degree program is in an online school, there are still things you need in order to learn. From dorm needs, school supplies to even your organization needs, they are all becoming expensive. Imagine yourself getting your online classes but you’re still grumpy, you think that you need your coffee but it’s a bit expensive for you who has a

$5,000 2017- 2018 Dominion Memorial Scholarship Fund

Qualified high school senior students are sometimes or most of the time in the hard position to choose over working or continuing into college education. They are the ones who are always eager to study however they cannot afford it and that’s where the question “what’s next?” comes in. College education is supposedly a necessity and not a luxury but these days, a lot of young people struggle to afford support themselves financially to get

$500 Storobin Scholarship

Most students would think about working rather than wait until getting a bachelor degree because of the demands that this economy gives. This has been a problem to most students who stop studying for college education, they have to earn before they can learn. It is a hard task managing finances and studying at the same time. Most people opt to stop their education and seek for job offerings that could sustain their everyday lives

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