$5,000 2017- 2018 Dominion Memorial Scholarship Fund

Qualified high school senior students are sometimes or most of the time in the hard position to choose over working or continuing into college education. They are the ones who are always eager to study however they cannot afford it and that’s where the question “what’s next?” comes in. College education is supposedly a necessity and not a luxury but these days, a lot of young people struggle to afford support themselves financially to get

$500 Storobin Scholarship

Most students would think about working rather than wait until getting a bachelor degree because of the demands that this economy gives. This has been a problem to most students who stop studying for college education, they have to earn before they can learn. It is a hard task managing finances and studying at the same time. Most people opt to stop their education and seek for job offerings that could sustain their everyday lives

$1,000 2019 Eagle Scout Scholarship – Northern Star Council

Securing funds for a student’s college education can be massively challenging most specially if they see education as a luxury. Something that cannot be easily afforded or something that can be set aside because the family prioritize the mouths to feed. As hard as it can be, parents, with a heavy heart, choose to ask their children if they can help them save money for a degree program or worst, take some leave until they

$36,000 Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award

There is a misconception in the world these days that being awesome will mean getting a lot of followers and likes in social networking sites and being famous because of it, not thinking about one’s college education or anything else. People are blinded by the fame technology can give. This generation forgot the real meaning of being awesome. Being awesome simply means being yourself, helping the world to be better in any possible way you