$500 New Heights Scholarship

Every parents are dreaming to give a good quality of learning for their children. They work hard enough to earn ample amount of money that would be able to give a bachelor degree or any degree program to the younger generations. When you ask a child about what they would want to be when they grow old, they will answer that they want to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or engineer. This dreams or desire

$5000 Girls Impact the World Film Festival Scholarship

Really, woman has a lot of impact in the society if they just can get empowered well. We will find it in the words of Ban Ki-moon, “Countries with higher levels of gender equality have higher economic growth. Companies with more women on their boards have higher returns. Peace agreements that include women are more successful. Parliaments with more women take up a wider range of issues – including health, education, anti-discrimination, and child support.”

$1000 Distance Learning Hand Therapy, M.Sc.

The University of Derby, Health and Social Care College offers the only distance learning for the MSc Hand Therapy online course that will give the students the flexibility to pursue their studies in the comfort of their home, this online course is for a part-time basis so students can stimulate the development of their own learnings. You’ll build up your capacity to basically assess and reflect your own training close by hand therapy while surveying

$500 CouponoBox Smart Student Scholarship

In this world where money runs everything, securing funds for a student’s college education can be massively challenging most specially if they see education as a luxury. Well, it can be that way or another, but it always goes down to, can a self-supporting student handle all the financial obligations in obtaining a college education? There are a lot of ways to secure yourself a degree program. It can be through online schools that offer